Harassment Policy

Players have many rights on games; but one right they do not have is the right to harass another player, or make the game unplayable or uncomfortable for others by doing any of the following;

  • Using the game's channels or page commands in an aggressive manner, such as a means to bully or spread OOC hate campaigns.
  • Soliciting other players for TS. This should not be done for any reason.
  • Using abusive language toward another player or staffer in an OOC manner.
  • Continuing to communicate with a player after you have been asked to stop.

Players will receive one warning in regards to harassment. Repeated instances will be considered a bannable offense. Those who feel they are experiencing harassment should first politely ask the perpetrator to stop. If this is not effective, players should submit a report to staff, including proof of the harassment. Should a player be uncomfortable approaching the situation, they can go ahead and submit a report.

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Last Updated: 01/25/20

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