Application Guide

Creating characters is a simple process. To begin players need only to create and register a bit, then head through character creation exit off the Lounge.

Before you begin, players should take a moment to think of their PC. Go ahead and decide on the basics like their general background, name, age and motivations. Try and come up with a short description of him/her. This usually, but not always, includes some idea of a career.

Next, choose your character’s splat. Will you be a mortal? A mortal+? A Sin-Eater? Our game allows Mortal, Psychic, Thaumaturge, Wolf-Blooded, Ghoul, Werewolf, Vampire, Sin-Eater, Changeling and Hunter. Be sure to read over your splats page and check any rulings concerning the splat in the city. It may also help to think over your concept, and make sure it works with the splat you've selected. Remember, we follow as close to book as possible.

Once you have a general idea of where you are going, simply follow the directions in the rooms! Don't forget to read carefully, and it's always helpful to have your book handy!

Splat Application Guide

To help players quickly and easily navigate CG, we have provided a slate-specific walk-through. These can be found below.
Mortal Application Guide, ● Psychic Application Guide, ● Thaumaturge Application Guide, ● Wolf-Blooded Application Guide, ● Ghoul Application Guide, ● Werewolf Application Guide, ● Vampire Application Guide, ● Sin-Eater Application Guide, ● Changeling Application Guide, ● Hunter Application Guide

Application Process

Our application process has been made as quick and easy as possible. While we do want things to run smoothly, staff do look to assure that characters are well made and well thought before approving.

1) Reading Room: Characters Register their characters and set their Splat. See See +Help Registration. Players will also set relevant information such as Threshold, Archetype, Tradition, Clan, Covenant, etc.

2) Attributes: Characters set their Attributes.

3) Skills: Characters set their Skills.

4) Advantages: Characters check their Advantages and have the chance to lower their Morality, Synergy, etc.

5) Merits: Characters set their Merits.

6) Powers: Characters set their Supernatural Elements (when applicable). (Psychics and Thaumaturge powers are merits, and are covered in the Merits room)

7) Completion Room: Characters set their final bits such as their Paper Trail, Description, Equipment, etc.

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